Capping Machine Test

TRQ1 Cap Torque Tester

Cap/capper Torque Tester


Wireless hand Torque Tester for:
- Closure torque testing
- Capper chuck torque control on capper machines

TPL Top Load Force tester

Top Load force tester


Expanding wireless force meter
Top Load force test on capping machines
Spring load testing 


ST-H6 Univesal Torque / Force Tester

Hand held unit for different measuring heads


Universal Torque / Force Tester for
- Cap torque testing and
- Torque and Top Load force testing on capper machines

SB-TF Smart Bottle - Torque-Force

Smart bottle for Torque and Top Load testing

Smart Bottle Torque-Force

Wireless Torque-Force Measuring Bottle
Testing dynamic Torque and Top Load on running capper machines

SB-F Smart Bottle - Force

Test Bottle for Top Load force testing

Smart Bottle - Force

Wireless Force Testing Bottle
Testing dynamic Top Load force on running crown cork capping machines on the production line

SB-T Smart Bottle - Torque

Test Bottle for capper chuck torque testing

Smart Bottle Torque

Wireless Torque Testing Bottle
Testing dynamic Torque on running capper machines